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Comprehensive Property, Casualty, Liability and Worker's Compensation insurance tailored to the specific needs of the Diocese of La Crosse and its affiliates.

Premiums & Ledger Pages

St. Ambrose Financial Services is a resource for questions about property, liability, and worker's compensation premiums, coverages, or to obtain a copy of ledger pages.  Each year, an invoice for coverages, along with a copy of ledger pages is provided.  It is important to review the ledger pages to identify any changes.  Types of changes include completion of additions through construction or through the purchase of property, deletions through demolition or from sale of property, or reduction of type of coverage due to change from replacement cost to liability only as approved by the Diocese of La Crosse Building and Grounds office.


Well trained employees, parents, and leaders provide better experiences for everyone.  This link provides access to a variety of topics to help stay apprised of best practices and the latest safety protocols.

Adult Hold Harmless/Indemnity Agreement Form

Application for Special Events Coverage

Endorsement Form to add or remove property to CMG ledger page

Certificate of Insurance (Property/Liability) Request

Individuals and Unaffiliated Organizations renting the facilities that provide their own insurance coverage for use of the facility

Incident Investigation Report for Injury of Non-Employee -- Reporting of injury or illness involving Parishioners, Students and Visitors while on parish, rectory or school property, adjacent sidewalks, streets, and driveways that could be considered on facility grounds.

Incident Investigation Report for Physical Damage -- Timely documentation of the event causing the structure or content damage prevents confusion, frustration, and added cost burden for the parish or school.  All incidents, no matter how small, are to be reported to Kris Twining and she will guide you through the process and help you determine whatw actions or forms may be needed and if steps should be taken to protect your property from further damage.

Organizations like the Knights of Columbus, The Legion of Mary, St. Vincent de Paul, etc., that use the facility and provided a certificate of insurance for their organization's use of the facilities.

Volunteer Workers Hold Harmless Agreement

Winter maintenance logs are an important tool in mitigating risks and assisting with claims investigation.  All locations are responsible for keeping a timely record of premises walks, parking lot, driveway, entryway, and playground surface maintenance performed.


For questions about specific coverages, guidance on events or insurance requirements, claims reporting, or to report changes to your property, contact Ben Burrow at Catholic Mutual Group.

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Ben Burrow

Assistant Claims/Risk Manager

3710 East Avenue South

La Crosse, WI 54601

Work:  608-519-9890

Cell: 608-386-6406

24-Hour Claim Service


Additional Forms
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