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Comprehensive Property, Casualty, Liability and Worker's Compensation insurance tailored to the specific needs of the Diocese of La Crosse and its affiliates.

Premiums & Ledger Pages

St. Ambrose Financial Services is a resource for questions about property, liability, and worker's compensation premiums, coverages, or to obtain a copy of ledger pages.  Each year, an invoice for coverages, along with a copy of ledger pages is provided.  It is important to review the ledger pages to identify any changes.  Types of changes include completion of additions through construction or through the purchase of property, deletions through demolition or from sale of property, or reduction of type of coverage due to change from replacement cost to liability only as approved by the Diocese of La Crosse Building and Grounds office.


Well trained employees, parents, and leaders provide better experiences for everyone.  This link provides access to a variety of topics to help stay apprised of best practices and the latest safety protocols.

Employee Safety & Workers Compensation

Employees are a vital asset, and everyone's goal is to keep them safe and healthy.  Some of the largest and most preventable liability claims come from job related employee injury and illness.  Our best tool to keep our employees is training through CMGConnect. 

From maintenance to playgrounds, fieldtrips to natural disasters, emergency plans to safety policies, and more, well trained employees are healthy employees.

The Diocese of La Crosse and the parishes, schools and institutions organized under its umbrella are a consolidated group for the State of Wisconsin's calculation of statutory premium factors.  Every employee must do their part to provide adequate maintenance, safety equipment, and training to reduce avoidable injuries or illness and provide timely response when the unavoidable accidents occur.

Education/Training Resources

Use this guide to evaluate safety practices and areas for improvement.  Should an injury or illness occur, no matter how big or small, timely and appropriate response directly correlate to the recovery of your employees and the cost of their injury or illness.  Questionable claims should be also reported timely allowing Catholic Mutual to do the proper investigation.  For severe injuries or illness, do not hesitate.  Your trained, designated employee should begin first aid while an assisting responsible adult calls 911.  Contact Catholic Mutual as soon as possible after the incident occurs.  Timely reporting while fresh in one's mind provides more complete and accurate information.  Catholic Mutual provides 24 hour claim service with before and after business assistance at 1-800-228-6108.

Provides the steps to timely reporting of employee injury.

(844) 322-4662  If an employee experiences a non-life-threatening injury on the job, call this Hotline number to communicate with a medical professional who can advise on next steps, whether that means taking the employee to the hospital or simply icing the injury, this service ensures employees get the care they need without unnecessary costs, frustrations or delay.


Use this form to document and complete information surrounding the injury.

Worker's Compensation Report -- Complete form in its entirety and submit to Kris Twining (see Worker's Compensation Guidelines) - Catholic Mutual provides 24-hour claim service assistance at 1-800-228-6108.


For questions about specific coverages, guidance on events or insurance requirements, claims reporting, or to report changes to you property, contact Kris or Kayla at Catholic Mutual Group.

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702 S. High Point Rd., Suite 221

Madison, WI 53719

Work: 608-821-4566

Fax: 608-833-3794

Kris Twining

Claims/Risk Manager II

Kayla Griffin

Service Office Assistant

24-Hour Claim Service


Employee Safety & Workers Comp
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